About Us

Our Humble Beginnings
Salon Group’s story is one of humble beginnings and relentless ambition. In 2007, we embarked on a mission to provide the people of Kirkuk with furniture that not only elevated their living spaces but also stood as a testament to fine craftsmanship. Our first store, aptly named “Jewel House,” became a haven for those seeking elegance and comfort for their homes.

A Journey of Growth
As our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction continued to resonate, our efforts bore fruit. With the support of our loyal customers, we expanded our presence, opening our second store, “Sedre,” to further reach and serve the diverse tastes and preferences of our clientele. This expansion marked not only our business growth but also our deepening connection with the community we cherished.

A Warehouse of Possibilities
Driven by the vision to cater to every furnishing need under one roof, we took a significant step forward by establishing a sprawling warehouse spanning an impressive 12,500 square meters in the kirkuk-erbil road. This expansion allowed us to curate a diverse collection of furniture pieces, ensuring that every customer’s unique style finds its perfect match within our selections.

Beyond Furniture: Unveiling Home Textiles
True to our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for home decor, January 23, 2023, marked an exciting chapter in our journey. We proudly announced our partnership with the prestigious TAÇ company, enabling us to introduce an exquisite range of home textiles to our offerings. This expansion reflects our unwavering dedication to enhancing every facet of home interiors, from furniture to textiles, seamlessly blending comfort with style.

Embracing Excellence: Turkish Mattresses by İDAŞ
Committed to offering nothing but the finest, we further extended our product range by becoming authorized dealers of İDAŞ, a renowned Turkish mattress company. This partnership brings premium sleep solutions to our valued customers, ensuring that the comfort and elegance synonymous with Salon Group extend to the bedroom as well.

Salon Group: A Name of Trust and Distinction
With the passage of time, Salon Group has emerged as a name synonymous with trust, elegance, and excellence in Kirkuk’s furnishing landscape. We take immense pride in our journey, which has been marked by the unwavering support of our customers, the dedication of our team, and our unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the dynamic needs of our community, our core values remain unchanged: crafting homes that reflect individuality, comfort, and beauty. With Jewel House and Sedre standing as our foundations, and a future guided by innovation, quality, and customer-centricity, Salon Group looks ahead to shaping more exquisite living spaces and making dreams a reality.

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Discover the essence of comfort and elegance at Salon Group and Jewel House and Sedre stores. Step into a world where furniture and textiles intertwine to create living spaces that resonate with your personal style. Join us in celebrating the journey of turning houses into homes.

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